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Climate change and sustainable urban development in Africa and Asia

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Climate change and sustainable urban development in Africa and Asia


, développement urbain, développement durable, changement climatique, ville durable, urbanisation, croissance urbaine, logement, Africa, Afrique, Asia, Asie, Kumssa Asfaw, Yuen Belinda


Abstract from the publisher :
This book is about African and Asian cities. Illustrated through selected case cities, the book brings together a rich collection of papers by leading scholars and practitioners in Africa and Asia to offer empirical analysis and up-to-date discussions and assessments of the urban challenges and solutions for their cities. A number of key topics concerning housing, sustainable urban development and climate change in Africa and Asia are explored along with how policy interventions and partnerships deliver specific forms of urban development. Audience: This book is intended for all who are interested in the state of the cities and urban development in Africa and Asia. Africa and Asia present, in many ways, useful lessons in dealing with the burgeoning urban population, and the problems surrounding this influx of people and climate change in the developing world.

Contents :
Part I Introduction
Africa and Asia: Two of the World’s Fastest Growing Regions - Belinda Yuen and Asfaw Kumssa

Part II Climate Change and Urban Development
Climate Change and Living Cities: Global Problems with Local Solutions - Priyanka Anand and Kallidaikurichi Seetharam
Climate Change in the Context of Urban Development in Africa - Kempe Ronald Hope, Sr.
A Region of Contrasts: Urban Development, Housing and Poverty in Asia - Kioe Sheng Yap
The Effects of Climate Change on Urban Human Settlements in Africa
Aloysius Clemence Mosha

Part III Climate Change and Housing: Case Studies from Africa and Asia
Climate Change and the Housing Environment in Ghana - Kwasi Kwafo Adarkwa and Michael Poku-Boansi
Creating a Sustainable Living Environment for Public Housing in Singapore - Johnny Liang Heng Wong
Climatic Change and Housing Issues in South Africa - Bornwell C. Chikulo
Climate Change and Sustainable Housing in Uganda - Stephen A.K. Magezi
Housing and Climate Change: Adaptation Strategies in Vietnam - Vinh Hung Hoang

Part IV Climate Change and Its Effect on Cities: Case Studies from Africa and Asia
Climate Change and Cities’ Actions in China - Xiaodong Pan and Zhenshan Li
Climate Change and Its Effect on Cities of Eastern African Countries - Samuel Kerunyu Gichere, George Michael Sikoyo, and Ally Matano Saidi
Climate Change and Liveable Cities in Malaysia - Kamalruddin Shamsudin and Suan Siow Neo
Climate Change and Its Effect on Urban Housing and Liveable Cities: The Case of Harare, Zimbabwe - Rodreck Mupedziswa
Belinda Yuen is an Associate Professor in the School of Design and Environment at the National University of Singapore.
Asfaw Kumssa is Coordinator of the United Nations Centre for Regional Development Africa Office in Nairobi.






December 2010