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The hidden future of cities

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The hidden future of cities


, développement durable, changement climatique, économie, environnement, ville durable, planification, Steffen Alex


Abstract from the distributor:
Do you ever wonder whether we should be optimistic or pessimistic about the future? If you want more reasons to think things may still turn out for the better, urban futurist and two-time TED speaker Alex Steffen’s your man. Steffen uses real-world examples and big-picture research to show us that a brighter, greener future is ours to choose. His most recent work is Carbon Zero, a book describing cities that create prosperity not climate change, accelerating their economies while reducing their climate emissions to zero. The big open secret about sustainability work, he recently told Design Observer magazine, is not how bad things are. It is how good things can get.
Alex Steffen is a writer, public speaker and strategy consultant on issues of sustainability, social innovation and planetary futurism.


Alex Steffen


20 October 2011