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City sites : Multimedia essays on New York and Chicago, 1870s-1930s

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City sites : Multimedia essays on New York and Chicago, 1870s-1930s


Chicago, New York, histoire urbaine, analyse spatiale, forme urbaine, iconography, iconographie, culture urbaine, littérature, dix-neuvième siècle, vingtième siècle, twentieth century, nineteenth century, Balshaw Maria, Notaro Anna, Kennedy Liam, Tallack Douglas


Abstract from the publishers :
City Sites is an inter- and multi-disciplinary study of the iconography, spatial forms and visual and literary cultures of New York and Chicago in the period 1870s to 1930s. City Sites is the result of collaborative research by scholars from Europe and the U.S.A and presents a pioneering approach to American urbanism utilising analytical possibilities offered by new multimedia technologies.

City Sites is part of the 3Cities research project, funded by the Arts and Humanities Board and is based at the University of Birmingham and the University of Nottingham in the UK.
Contents (essays) :
New York : Maria Balshaw - From Lenox to Seventh Avenue : Mapping the 'Negro capital of the world' Eric Sandeen - Signs of the times : Waiting for the millennium in Times Square John Walsh - The attraction of the Flatiron building : Construction processes Douglas Tallack - The rhetoric of space : Jacob Riis and New York City's Lower East Side Anna Notaro - Constructing the futurist city : The skyscraper   Chicago :   Max Page - Maxwell Street and the crucible of culture Christopher Gair - Whose America? White City and the shaping of national identity, 1883-1905 Jude Davies - Meeting places : Shopping for selves in Chicago and New York Liam Kennedy - Black metropolis : The space of the street in the art of Archibald Motley, Jr. William Boelhower - The mysteries of Chicago : Floating in a sea of signs   Maria Balshaw is a Research Fellow in American literature at the University of Birmingham. Anna Notero is a lecturer in the School of American and Canadian studies at the University of Nottingham. Liam Kennedy is Senior Lecturer in American Studies at the University of Birmingham. Douglas Tallack is Professor or American Studies and Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University of Nottingham.   3Cities project website.  




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