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3rd international workshop on post-communist urban geographies : Actors shaping urban change

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3rd international workshop on post-communist urban geographies : Actors shaping urban change


post-socialist, post-communist, postsocialiste, postcommuniste, Europe de l'Est, Eastern Europe, mutation sociale, mutation urbaine, capitalisme


Organisers' description :
The 3rd International Workshop on Post-communist Urban Geographies. Actors Shaping Urban Change carries on the tradition established by two earlier workshops held in Lund (2005) and Stockholm-Tallinn (2007) with the aim (1) to draw together scholars interested in post-communist cities in order to discuss leading edge urban research in the region, and (2) to experience post-socialist urban change first hand through conference excursions.
Papers :
Gábor Hegedűs - The social geographical study of gated communities in most populous Hungarian cities outside Budapest agglomeration Albrecht Kauffmann - Migration movements within the Russian Federation and changes in the distribution of its urban population Michael Gentile, Sara Ferlander and Ilkka Henrik Mäkinen - Experiences from carrying out a large survey in a small city : The Stakhanov health interview survey 2009 Anneli Kährik and Kadri Leetmaa - Residential preferences towards suburban living in post-socialist metropolies Oleg Golubchikov and Nicholas Phelps - Post-socialist post-suburbia? Growth machine and the emergence of 'edge city' in the metropolitan context of Moscow Kadri Leetma, Kristi Anniste and Isolde Brade - Hidden new residential areas in the Tallinn metropolitan area : Soviet summer home settlements in residential suburbanisation Liviu Chelcea - Gentrification as primitive accumulation : Property rights, the market and the State in a postsocialist city during the 1990s Natalia Onyshchenko and Anastasia Ryabchuk - Marginalization of working class in post-soviet urban space : The case of Bilshovyk plant and shopping cenre Tuari Tuvikene - From socialist city to capitalist city? The persistence of socialist places : The case of garage areas Dominik Weiss - Keeping the bubble alive? The effects of urban renewal and demolition subsidies in the East German housing market Panait Laura Ioana - Art and public space in Romania after 1989 : Screaming loud for re-conquering the city? Anna-Liisa Unt - Design by use : The transformation of Tallinn culture and sports arena Linnahall and its surroundings Nadir Kinossian - Local politics and development choices in the city of Kazan, Russia Joseph Salukvadze and David Gogishvili - On the geography and typology of building construction in Tbilisi : Before and after the crisis Elena Trubina - Hosting international events in a time of global crisis : Place-making and recentralization Lajos Boros - Growth coalitions in post-socialist urban development - the case of Hungary Ionela Iacob - Goth subculture in contemporary Romania Maria Prieto - Everyday Sarajevo : Reassembling public housing and collective memory  


Multiple authors


University of Tartu  


17 - 19 September 2009