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Ethnic Amsterdam : Immigrants and urban change in the twentieth century

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Ethnic Amsterdam : Immigrants and urban change in the twentieth century


Amsterdam, immigration, intégration, insertion, mixité sociale, ethnicity, éthnicité, mutation urbaine, société urbaine, culture urbaine, Nell Liza, Rath Jan, twentieth century, vingtième siècle


Abstract from the publisher :
Over the centuries, people from all parts of the world have been drawn to the city of Amsterdam. While immigrants adapted to local customs, opportunities and constraints, their practices and habits have left indelible marks on their adopted city. This fascinating volume Ethnic Amsterdam: Immigrants and Urban Change in the Twentieth Century explores how twentieth-century immigrants - in bringing with them their religions, languages, cuisines, sports, and other material and immaterial aspects of their native countries - have transformed Amsterdam into a cosmopolitan city.
Contents :
Preface Liza Nell and Jan Rath - Am I Amsterdam? Immigrant integration and urban change Thaddeus Müller - Ethnic groups in Amsterdam's public spaces Anneke H. van Otterloo - Eating out 'ethnic' in Amsterdam from the 1920s to the present Hilje van der Horst - Living Amsterdam : Tangible homes behind Amsterdam's facades Hans van Amersfoort and Cees Cortie - Housing and population : Spatial mobility in twentieth-century Amsterdam Christine Delhaye - Towards cultural diversity in Amsterdam's arts Folkert Kuiken - Multilingual Amsterdam Floris Vermeulen and Anja van Heelsum - Immigrant organisations in Amsterdam Thijl Sunier - Houses of worship and the politics of space in Amsterdam Ruud Stokvis - The integration of migrants into the Amsterdam sport pattern Liza Nell and Jan Rath - Social boundaries in movement   Liza Nell is Lecturer in the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University. Jan Rath is Professor of Urban Sociology and Director of the Institute for Ethnic and Migration Studies at the University of Amsterdam.  




Amsterdam University Press