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Chinese cities and the outside world: A workshop for City, Culture and Society

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Chinese cities and the outside world: A workshop for City, Culture and Society


China, Chine, Macao, Hong Kong, migrant, migration urbaine, exclusion, film, Croucher Richard, Li Pingli, Okano Hiroshi


Extract from the Introduction by Richard Croucher, Pingli Li and Hiroshi Okano:
The articles make contributions on economic, social and cultural aspects of their subject and embody economic, social, historical and cultural perspectives. Michael Brookes takes an international comparative view, examining export-led growth in the contrasting economies of South Africa and China, setting a significant context for those articles which follow on urban settings. Richard Croucher and Lilian Miles present their view of the position of the enormous number of internal migrant workers in China, a subject closely related to the wider issue of social exclusion in Chinese cities explored by Anne Daguerre and Elena Vacchelli. A third article in this trilogy dealing with migration and social exclusion in Chinese cities is provided by David Etherington. In a fascinating and detailed article on the historic evolution of relations between the Chinese authorities, local Chinese people and the Portuguese in Macao, Kai Cheong Fok explains the origins of the ‘Macao Formula’ which has long provided an effective framework for interaction between China and the outside world. Mark Houssart provides a very different but also interesting cultural perspective on the China’s other key urban window to the outside world, Hong Kong, with an article on the Infernal Affairs film trilogy.
Richard Croucher, Pingli Li and Hiroshi Okano - Introduction
Michael Brookes - Export-led growth in China and South Africa: Two distinct journeys Richard Croucher and Lilian Miles - Migrant workers in China: Social exclusion, protection and representation Anne Daguerre and Elena Vacchelli - Social exclusion in Chinese cities in the 21st century Fok Kai Cheong (K. C. Fok) - The Macao Formula: Key to four hundred years of successful interactions between China and the West Mark Houssart - The Infernal Affairs trilogy and Hong Kong cinema's relationship with the external world David Etherington - Cities, labour migration and social exclusion: Comparative reflections on developments in Europe and China   Richard Croucher is Professor of Comparative Employment Relations and Associate Dean (Research) at Middlesex University Business School. Pingli Li is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting at Middlesex Business School. Hiroshi Okano is Professor and Vice-Director at the Urban Research Plaza and a Professor in the Graduate School of Business, Osaka City University.  




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