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Richard Sennett: The Sociology of Public Life

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Richard Sennett: The Sociology of Public Life


, sociologie urbaine, lieu public, service public, société urbaine, capitalisme, politique publique, Sennett Richard, Calhoun Craig, Latour Bruno, Rusbridger Alan, Wajcman Judy, Adjaye David, Mulgan Geoff, Rogers Richard, Toynbee Polly


Abstract from the distributor :
In this exciting half-day conference two panels on 'Public Life and Public Policy' and 'Cities and the Public Realm', discuss these themes in the context of the work of Professor Sennett, the eminent sociologist whose recent books include The Culture of the New Capitalism and The Craftsman.
Craig Calhoun is president of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) since 1999 and Professor of the Social Sciences at New York University.
Bruno Latour is professor at Sciences Po Paris where he is also the vice-president for research of that school.
Alan Rusbridger has been editor of The Guardian since 1995.   Judy Wajcman is Head of the Sociology Department, LSE.   David Adjaye is an architect and principal of London-based Adjaye Associates.   Geoff Mulgan is director of the Young Foundation and a visiting professor at LSE.   Lord Richard Rogers has gained international reknown as an architect and urbanist.   Polly Toynbee is a columnist for the Guardian and president of the Social Policy Association.   podcast listings page on the London School of Economics' website in order to find the link to the mp3 file.  


Craig Calhoun, Bruno Latour, Alan Rusbridger, Judy Wajcman, David Adjaye, Geoff Mulgan, Richard Rogers, Polly Toynbee


14 May 2010