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Mapping Cairo: Modern literary representations of the city

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Mapping Cairo: Modern literary representations of the city


, littérature, espace urbain, histoire urbaine, Cairo, Le Caire, Mehrez Samia


Extract from a review of Mehrez's lecture, "Celebrating Cairo's 'Underground Historians'" by Nadeen Shaker:
Samia Mehrez, a professor of Arab and Islamic Civilizations, describes Cairo as the protagonist of a story seen and told by its residents and authors.

During the second of the Provost Lecture Series “Mapping Cairo: Modern Literary Representations of the City,” Mehrez discussed a map of Cairo she created using literary constructions found in century-old texts.

Mehrez introduced the Islamic genre of Khitat literature, a social history of the nations under Muslim rule in the Middle Ages, which she focused on in her recently published book, The Literary Atlas of Cairo, an AUC Press publication.

She used it to offer a historiographical – also known as a narrative presentation of history – map that evokes a spatial sense of Cairo.
Samia Mehrez is Professor of Arabic literature in the Department of Arab and Islamic Civilization and Director of the Center for Translation Studies, The American University in Cairo.


Samia Mehrez


13 October 2010