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  • Mots-clés: Lubove Roy
Abstract from the publisher: Contents: 1. The origins of tenement reform, 1830-1865 2. The tenement comes of age, 1866-1890 3. Jacob A. Riis: Portrait of a reformer 4. The Tenement House Committee of 1894 5. Lawrence Veiller and the New York…
Abstract from the publisher: First published in 1969, Roy Lubove's Twentieth-Century Pittsburgh is a pioneering analysis of elite driven, post-World War II urban renewal in a city once disdained as "hell with the lid off." The book…
Abstract from the publisher: This volume traces the major decisions, events, programs, and personalities that transformed the city of Pittsburgh during its urban renewal project, which began in 1977. Roy Lubove demonstrates how the city showed…
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