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European city in comparative perspective

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European city in comparative perspective


, histoire urbaine, gouvernance, commerce, migration urbaine, ville portuaire, espace public, mémoire, représentations, culture urbaine, périphéries, infrastructures, guerre, identité, pauvreté, sauvegarde, patrimoine, centre historique


Papers presented at the 2004 European Association for Urban History (EUAH)'s conference 'European city in comparative perspective : Seventh international conference on urban history' are available for download as full-text PDF files. 144 papers are available, the majority of which are in English (the remainder being in French).
Session topics :
Eastern Mediterranean Cities compared: Urban Government in Greece, the Balkans and the Ottoman Empire (1820-1925)
Living in the city: Urban Elites and their residences
Urban Stability and Civic Liberties: Two Fundamental Concepts and the Practice of Crime Control in Early Modern European Cities (1450-1850)
Cats and Cities
Another (hi)story of modernity: Urban everyday life in the 19th century, Europe West - Europe East
Retailers and Consumer Changes in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Villes de Flandre et d’Italie: rélectures d’une comparaison traditionnelle
The Ancient City in a European Perspective: Feeding the ancient city
Green spaces in Cities since 1918: politics, ideologies, and perceptions
Public Utilities, Local Resources and Politics
Trade, Migration and Urban Networks in European Port-cities (17th-20th centuries)
Constructing Urban Memories: The Role of Oral Testimony
Methods and problems in Comparative Urban History: Searching for New Indicators of Success and Backwardness of Towns
Urban Images and Representations in Europe and beyond during the 20th century
Cities and Creative Milieus
Wars, Bastions, and Towns: The Impact of Fortifications upon the Civic Community in the Early Modern Europe
Périphéries et espaces périphériques dans les villes européennes du moyen age et de l’époque Moderne (XV - XIV siècles): les transformations induites par l’économie
Urban Historiography in Comparative Perspective
Power and Water problem in European Cities in XV and XVI centuries
Cadastres and representations of the cities (XVIII-XIX centuries)
Cultural Styles of Provincial Towns in the 18th Century: The Influence of the Metropolis?
The Urban Experience of Modern War: European Cities and Aerial Warfare in World War II
Identity Politics and the Construction of the Metropolitan Region: European and North American Perspectives
Beggars in Modern Cities: Inclusion and Exclusion of Begging Paupers during the Formation Period of Urban Welfare Politics, 1830s - 1930s
Historians' values in urban preservation in the 20th Century
Clean and Decent Towns: Social, Economical and Political Aspects of Urban Sanitation (Early Modern Period)
Urban Social Movements for Shelter and the Environment: A Comparison among Cities across European Space and Time
Planning and Urban Transformation in the Balkans in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Maintenance and Projection of the Cultural Legacy within the Historical Centres of European Cities
L'architecture et les institutions portuaires des cités maritimes de la Mediterrannee (Ixe - XIIIe siècles)
The Urban and Local History of Social Policy since the Second World War
Industrial and Modern
(Special) Teaching Urban history from medieval to modern
Panteion University institutional repository.   NB : Documents and metadata are in mostly in English (some are in French), but the site infrastructure is in Greek. Papers are in alphabetical order by title - browse by clicking on the Roman characters to jump to papers beginning with that letter, or click Προηγούμενη σελίδα to go to previous records, or Επόμενη σελίδα for the next page of records. Click on the title to view further information and download papers in PDF format by clicking Προβολή/Άνοιγμα next to where "Adobe PDF" is written.  


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Panteion University European Association for Urban History (EUAH)