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Cities: The international journal of urban policy and planning (Vol. 29, Supplement 1)

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Cities: The international journal of urban policy and planning (Vol. 29, Supplement 1)


research, recherche, United States, États-Unis, urbanisation, démographie, catastrophe, occupation du sol, Kirby Andrew


Extract from the Editorial:
You are reading the first issue of Current Research on Cities... The first four issues will all be supplements to the journal Cities, prior to an independent launch in 2014.
Although Current Research on Cities has much in common with Cities: the international journal of urban policy in planning..., it is also a departure in terms of its aims and content. It is designed to be the first meta-journal in the field of urban studies, and in much the same way that meta-analysis draws on existing research to synthesize and project what is known on a topic, a meta-journal pulls together what we know about a field and keeps researchers up to date.
  Andrew Kirby - Introduction to a new meta-journal in urban studies Andrew Kirby - Current Research on Cities and its contribution to urban studies Michael Batty - Building a science of cities Brian J. L. Berry and Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn - The city size distribution debate: Resolution for US urban regions and megalopolitan areas Alexander C. Vias - Micropolitan areas and urbanization processes in the US Richard Morrill - Fifty years of population change in the US 1960-2010 Naim Kapucu - Disaster and emergency management systems in urban areas Ralph B. McLaughlin - Land use regulation: Where have we been, where are we going?   Andrew Kirby is Professor of Social Science at Arizona State University West.  






March 2012


S1 - S56