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Frontiers and identities : Cities in regions and nations

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Frontiers and identities : Cities in regions and nations


, identité, histoire urbaine, espace urbain, ségrégation urbaine, ségrégation sociale, fragmentation urbaine, mixité sociale, mutation urbaine, frontier, frontière, Europe, Klusáková Lud'a, Teulières Laure


From the preface :
Frontiers and Identities: Cities in Regions and Nations, edited by Professors Luďa Klusáková and Laure Teulières, is the third volume published by the Thematic Work Group 5 of the pan-European Network of Excellence for interdisciplinary historical research, The Work Group deals with “Frontiers and Identities”. The present volume is particularly concerned with exploring approaches to the relationship between cities as places of creation, perception and representation of identities and political and territorial organisms, both within the city and outside of it.

In this volume the Work Group has decided to focus on cities as optimal entrées for understanding how people give meanings to the physical places where they live and work. At the same time, by emphasizing the links between individuals’ subjective experiences and their broader allegiances or belongings (political, ethnic, linguistic, religious, gender and so forth), the authors draw the city as a mirror that reflects the wider spaces and changing organisations that lie outside: hence the “regions” and the “nations” of the title.
Contents :
Preface - Ann Katherine Isaacs, Guðmundur Halfdanarson
Introduction - Luďa Klusáková, Laure Teulières
Reading the City. Urban History and Urban Studies – Some Methodological Thoughts - Dobrochna Kalwa
Public Space – Private Places within the City - Barbara Klich-Kluczewska
The moral territory. Sexual frontiers and identities in urban / rural historiography - Laurent Gaissad
The Boundaries of Medieval Misogyny: Gendered urban space in medieval Durham - William Aird
Reconstruction of Urban Territories in Late Medieval Brussels on the Grounds of Imagined Frontiers and Responsible Institutions - Bram Vannieuwenhuyzen
The Evolution of urban oligarchies in Irish towns, 1350 - 1534 - Kieran Hoare
Territories of fortifications in Paris: Fragmentation and hierarchisation of Parisian spaces (1800') - Fréderic Moret
Coexistence of diversity: Social, ethnic and religious frontiers and identities in Hungarian towns in the early modern period - Blanka Szeghyová
Experience of Multicultural Neigbourhood: Ottoman society reflected in rabbinic litterature of the 16th – 17th centuries - Markéta Rubešová
Ethnical and Professional „Frontiers” in the Cities in Transylvania (16th – 18th Centuries) - Florin Pintescu
From Christians into Ethnic Members: Creating Borders within the City of Thessaloniki (1800-1912) - Iakovos Michailidis
Ethnic, social and mental frontiers in interwar Latvian society – Reflection of Baltic Germans in their autobiographies - Ute Hofmann
Ubi bene ibi patria: reading the city of Kiev through the Polish and Czech “spatial stories” of the First World War period - Olena Betlij
Kraków or Krakau? Reactions of the Polish citizens of the city to the transformations of the urban space enforced by the Nazi occupying forces (1939 – 1945) - Anna Czocher
Between the farmland and the factory. Peasants within the city space in the communistic Poland - Ewellina Szpak
Creating (Not Only) Local Identity: Historical Monographs of Bohemian, Moravian, and Galician Towns, 1860-1900 - Jaroslav Ira
Sites of Memory: Bratislava in Modern Travel Literature - Jozef Tancer
Marking the City: Place-making and the Aesthetics of Urban Spaces - Ruth Wallach
On the border between urban and rural culture: Public usage of historical and cultural heritage in building collective identity (1990-2007) - Luďa Klusáková
Lesson of urban and regional scales of frontiers and identities - Luďa Klusáková, Laure Teulières
  Laure Teulières is a Doctor of history and works in the laboratoire Diasporas at the University of Toulouse-Le Mirail Luďa Klusáková is a Professor in the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague.  




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