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Tuff city: Urban change and contested space in central Naples

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Tuff city: Urban change and contested space in central Naples


espace public, renouvellement urbaine, patrimoine urbaine, sécurité, tourisme, immigration, mouvement social, centre historique, citoyenneté, conflit urbain, Naples, Dines Nick


Abstract from the publisher:
During the 1990s, Naples’ left-wing administration sought to tackle the city’s infamous reputation of being poor, crime-ridden, chaotic and dirty by reclaiming the city’s cultural and architectural heritage. This book examines the conflicts surrounding the reimaging and reordering of the city’s historic center through detailed case studies of two piazzas and a centro sociale, focusing on a series of issues that include decorum, security, pedestrianization, tourism, immigration, and new forms of urban protest. This monograph is the first in-depth study of the complex transformations of one of Europe’s most fascinating and misunderstood cities. It represents a new critical approach to the questions of public space, citizenship and urban regeneration as well as a broader methodological critique of how we write about contemporary cities.

Nick Dines lived and worked in Naples for seven years. He currently lives in Rome, where he holds teaching posts in migration studies at Roma Tre University and the sociology of Southern Italy at John Cabot University.


Nick Dines


Berghahn Books


February 2012