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Gender and territory : The connoted space. Artecontexto (No. 8, 2005, 4)

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Gender and territory : The connoted space. Artecontexto (No. 8, 2005, 4)


genre, femmes, gender, women, espace urbain, mondialisation, usage de la ville, art, Murría Alicia


From the editorial by Alicia Murría :
Modern city planning and architecture have been places at the service of production, traffic, and consumption, and of a particular idea of the white, Western, heterosexual middle-class male. Only in the most recent decades, under the influence of cultural studies, gender, feminism in its many aspects, and, still more recently queer theory, have these patterns been questioned and demands been formulated for a city and public space whose terms of coexistence reflect the needs of the diverse sectors, groups, and minorities, and their actual complexity, in the face of the standard hegemonic model.
In the dossier contained in this issue we have gathered a series of articles that analyse and describe the need for profound changes in conceptions of the public space, the territory, the city, and their design, as well as the urgency of the debate, a debate that extends well beyond the sphere of those professionals who are directly involved in this design, since its outcome will affect the diverse assemblage of groups that make up the social body.
Contents :   Page One - Alicia Murría

DOSSIER : Gender and Territory : The Connoted Space -
Giantesses / Houses / Cities. Notes for a Political Topography of Gender and Race - Beatriz Preciado
Have Urban Spaces a Gender? - Jose Miguel G. Cortés
Gender and Globalisation: Artists on the Border - Patricia Mayayo
The Pleasure of Cities - Marta Román

Begoña Montalbán : Clinical White - Luca Beatrice
From Buenos Aires : Roberto Jacoby - Gustavo Marrone
Japanese Museums : Two Viewpoints - Agnaldo Farias

Cibercontexto : Gender, Civic Participation and City Planning - Eugenia Monroy


Reviews   Alicia Murría is an art critic and the director and editor of Artecontexto magazine.   NB : All articles are available in English and Spanish versions.    




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