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Urban development in Europe

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Urban development in Europe


, politique urbaine, développement urbain, gouvernance, Europe, Union européenne, European Union, Belgium, Belgique, Cyprus, Chypre, Denmark, Danemark, France, Germany, Allemagne, Hungary, Hongrie, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Pays-Bas, Poland, Pologne, Portugal, Romania, Roumanie, Spain, Espagne, Sweden, Suède, United Kingdom, Royaume-Uni


Abstract from the publisher:
Cities play a crucial role in creating a sustainable, social and innovative Europe. Nowadays, cities have to face many challenges, especially since the arrival of the economic recession. For this reason, it is important to involve all actors and governmental layers and to exchange good practices, proven policies, skills and experiences. In other words, an integrated approach from local to European level. This key publication provides an overview of urban policy in 15 EU Member States.

Each European country has its own background and national approach towards Urban Policy. How do they cope with current urban challenges and what are the impacts of national and European policy on cities? All the answers to these questions and many more are described in this year’s EUKN key publication. This survey has been conducted by the 15 EUKN National Focal Points and the EUKN Secretariat. In addition, the publication includes an interview with European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Mr. Johannes Hahn, Mr. Jan Olbrycht -Member of European Parliament and Chairman of the Urban Integroup- and Ms. Maria Rosario Alonso Ibáňez, the Director-General of Land and Urban Policies. All three share their views on a more inclusive and integrated urban Europe.


European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN)




June 2010