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Meaningful types in a world of suburbs

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Meaningful types in a world of suburbs


, banlieue, périphéries, forme urbaine, société urbaine, ségrégation résidentielle, ségrégation sociale, ségrégation urbaine, Harris Richard


Richard Harris discusses suburbs around the world in this lecture from the City Institute at York University City Seminar Series. Segregation is a key theme of the lecture - segregation between suburbs, between suburbs and cities, and the theoretical segregation in the literature about suburbs in the Global North and the Global South, between the Western World and elsewhere, between historical and contemporary research, and segregation in the literature on cities and on suburbs. He explores the diverse nature of suburbs worldwide and asks what commonalities we can find between suburbs in different countries.
Richard Harris is a Professor in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences at McMaster University.


Richard Harris


1 October 2010